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WARNING: These Products Contain Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About XtraSku.com

No Hype! Just Damn Good E-Liquid

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About XtraSku.com

Nothing exciting here. In 2018 the XtraSku team closed the retail store after about three-plus years. In those three years, the XtraSku owners developed a great deal of friendships and customer loyalty.  When the announcement was made, everyone wondered what was going to be of their ability to purchase premium hand-crafted E-Liquid and accessories locally – thus the idea for XtraSku was born.

What's With the Site Name?

Funny story… A really good friend and also a manufacturer of his own lines of premium hand-crafted E-Liquid would always use the phrase, “Just think of it as  Extra SKU”, when referring to situations where one is forced to sell product for small margins to distributors or retail stores. Sometimes, manufacturers get squeezed by distributors and retailers more concerned with a larger profit margin and would rather stick it to the manufacturer, than ask the customer to pay a little bit more for real quality. That’s  a practice where there are few winners.
The statements about “making it up in volume” doesn’t really fly. The ROI on volume-based purchased “quality materials” doesn’t add up. The price of quality Flavor-Extracts and quality USP grade Vegetable Glycerin and all the bottling, capping and label printing continues to increase and despite buying in huge quantities, there’s the expense of retooling your operation to accommodate for that “phantom” volume – which by the way is not guaranteed just because someone says so. Production costs rise or remain the same yet distributors and retailers expect their costs to decrease. In the end, some manufacturers will do what they have to do to stay alive and others refuse to reduce quality. We fit in the latter pool. Quality carries more weight than quantity.
No distributor/retailer can guarantee volume – most talk a good game. We’ve all heard the adage, “Actions speak louder than words”. Good quality products delivered to consumers, who continue to reorder because of quality, and the ‘tell two friends and so on phenomenon’ is what really counts. The consumer is in charge and will pay for quality most of the time. That is the type of volume increase that makes the difference for the manufacturer. Then the product manufacturer can adjust incrementally and continue to produce premium product for consumers to enjoy, it is at that point that the manufacturer can periodically reduce the price, which should trickle down to the consumer.  OK, so that’s why we chose that name. We are off the soap-box now, so let’s move on…


Why Buy From XtraSku?

Many manufacturers try to undercut others because they don’t have the confidence they will get the business any other way. So they allow every distributor or retailer to squeeze them on price, which then sets the precedent. In the end, this is usually a mistake, not only for the distributor and the manufacturer, but also for the consumer. This is mainly because the big profits are short-lived. Eventually the manufacturer goes out of business or simply refuses to sell at cut-rate prices and the distributor moves on to the next victim. If the manufacturer of a great product goes out of business, the consumer loses its ability to continue buying a quality product, unless of course…

The manufacturer chooses to do business online instead. That’s why we ask that you buy from XtraSku – particularly the Cloud Brew, Restless, Fogium, Game Changer and Sweets Vapor Co. brands. Those brands don’t allow themselves to be squeezed by everyone and thus they continue to produce quality products and provide great customer service.  Thanks for checking in… Now, go spend some money!


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