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Yup! Slick Willie’s Home State – As of July 21, 2015, Arkansas announced that manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers would have to obtain a licenses from the State to sell vapor products within the State of Arkansas. It’s a money-grab. XtraSku will let the demand from Arkansas residents dictate whether or not it’s worth the investment in time, energy and money. In the meantime, we apologize to the residents of Arkansas. We are not currently offering our products for sale to anyone in your State.


The State of Indiana passed a law that requires manufacturers of vaping products to be certified by a security firm by June 30th of 2016. However the current Vape products listed on our site are compliant and certified, so feel free to order Indiana!


On July 13th of 2016, the State of Pennsylvania passed a law that requires retailers of vape products to pay a 40% tax on the purchase price of all vape related products. Furthermore, they required retailers to immediately pay the 40% on stock already in the store (a.k.a. Floor Tax).  Additionally consumers who purchase Vape-related products online from outside of the State are responsible for paying this tax as well. This just makes it very expensive to vape in Pennsylvania. Sorry folks, it doesn’t seem worth the hassle and unfortunately, XtraSku is playing right into their hands –  that’s what the Pennsylvania politicians are hoping for. Fortunately for us, there are 46 other States we can still sell our products to. For now, we’ll work with the Vape-friendly States and keep watch on how it all unfolds. At this pace, there will be a ban on the size of “sugary beverages” too. Oh, wait… Bloomberg tried that in NYC. It didn’t work out so well because the people, you know, the ones that politicians work for? Yeah, they put up a fight. Here’s a pretty quick and accurate read on that ridiculous idea. We personally think the pic at the top of the article says it all, just look at which finger he uses to push the button.


Ah, yes. The 45th State to join the Union. The only State with a majority population belonging to a single church… On July 1, 2016 the State of Utah passed a law that prohibits online purchases of vaping related products by Utah residents. This law requires anyone in the State of Utah to purchase vape related products, including hardware and E Liquid, in face-to-face transactions only. Well, if you happen to relocate to a Vape-friendly State, hit us up – we’ll be happy to share our great products with you.

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There are many organizations dedicated to keeping our industry on the forefront of fighting Vape-unfriendly legislation such as those described above. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is a great way for consumers to get involved and make a difference. The Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA) is an association of businesses that work in, or in service of, the vapor products industry. Their mission is to “advocate for reasonably regulated U.S. marketplace which allows our member companies to provide smoke-free products to adult consumers that are an attractive choice, while promoting a positive public image for vapor products and educating businesses in our industry. We’re at a turning point in the Vape industry. Get involved.

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